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Sell your Body for Cash!

NOT like THAT!

   There are a few things you can sell off your body legally. Don't try to sell organs or limbs, but both blood (plasma) and hair are perfectly legal to sell. It's also legal to sell your health, like in a clinical trial. We'll go over each option:

Selling Hair:

    1. Make sure you have the length to remove. I would not suggest selling anything less than 10 inches of hair. This is because natural hair is usually not the same length and not all the hair is usable. Hair buyers generally want long continuous lengths of hair to make extensions and wigs.

    2. Make sure it's healthy. Healthy hair that shines fetch a better price in the open market. Some basic tips are to brush your hair gently, eat well, and do not take any drugs since hair retains traces of the drugs you take. Also, it is best not to shampoo your hair every day because that would strip your hair of its natural oils. Smoking is also detrimental to your hair because the scent usually stays long after you light up a cigarette. Don't treat your hair. Most wig makers want "virgin hair" that has no chemical treatment. Virgin hair is generally less damaged and would last longer in a hair piece. They also look more natural and could stand additional treatment. So if you want to sell your hair, make sure you do not dye, perm, or bleach it.

    3. Sell. It is usually recommended that you get paid first and then cut your hair at a professional salon and bundle the hair in a pony tail or braid. You could try to auction your hair on eBay or post a classified ad on Craigslist, but your chances are much better on the sites specializing in hair:

How much can you make? The price buyers are willing to pay really depends on the color, length, and quality of your hair. Also, if you market it well you would have better results. Some sold listings have great photographs and descriptions. For example, one woman on specified that she grew her hair with the intention to sell and took very good care of it, and she managed to sell it for over $1000 in just a week. It took her four years to grow that hair, but $1000 is still a good return on something that is fairly painless to give up. It also seems that her research into the hair trade led to a healthy lifestyle, and that is a great bonus for her.

Most buyers are looking for hair that has never been colored, permed or chemically treated. You can earn more if your hair has length (10 inches +) and volume. Bonus cash if it fits all that and you are a redhead.

check out sellhumanhair.info

Selling blood/plasma:

    In America, it’s illegal to ‘pay’ people to donate blood, as some folks will lie to get the ‘free cash’. However, most blood bank centers offer incentives to donors, including gift cards, entry into sweepstakes, free tickets to local shows etc. While this may not seem like much, a $20 gift card every 56 days, can earn you an extra $120 per year. When financed by local companies, some of these sweepstakes can be for up to $5,000.

The recommended waiting time between donating blood is 56 days. Recent reports show that some blood banks encourage donors to donate before the 56 days is up. These blood banks in turn sell the blood to hospitals, at up to $300 a pint.

Unlike blood, plasma donation is paid for as it is used to produce medication and in the treatment of many genetic diseases. As the process is only an extraction of protein from blood, the recovery time is much shorter, typically about 48 hours. This allows donors to donate at least twice a week.

After passing a thorough screening process, certain donation centers offer frequent donors up to $400 per month. They also throw in incentives for consecutive visits. Incentives alone can bump up earnings by another $80 per month.

Check out payingbloodbanks.info for locations near you!

Sell Semen.

    Yes, sperm donation can supplement this months rent. After filling out a long application including providing health information of up to three generations and an oral interview, accepted donors can earn up to $125 per cup. Sperm clinic policies differ as some centers place a donor on retainer, requiring a thrice-weekly donation and a   $1, 000 monthly payment. Others offer a flat rate per sample.

This may seem like the easiest money ever, but note that you have to abstain from having an orgasm anywhere but in the clinic. This is to allow them get the best specimens every time.


Sell Breast Milk

    Don’t freak out, this is a thing. Milk banks were originally developed for mothers who couldn’t produce their own milk for their newborns. These days, bodybuilders and athletes are queuing up to buy breast milk for more energy and muscle growth. Some even claim it helps boost their immune system.

Healthy moms, who produce more milk than their babies need are selling the extra milk through sites like Craigslist and onlythebreast.com. Sellers sell based on the age of the baby which influences the composition of the milk and by how much the buyer needs. With prices ranging from $1 – $2.50 per ounce, a donor can earn up to $23,000 a year.


Clinical Trials

    Figures released earlier this month suggest that 1 in 10 people want to work more hours, with bar staff and school crossing assistants among the most keen to work more. With that in mind, we are exploring non-traditional and unusual ways of earning money. So perhaps a place where you can chill out, study, do freelance work and apply for jobs, all while getting paid around $50 a day might appeal. Volunteering for clinical trials is not a career choice, but it's certainly a worthwhile experience for anyone looking to top up their income. Trials can last anywhere from one day to almost a month and range in payment from close to minimum wage to almost $3,000 for a long stint. As well as the financial benefits, those with an interest in science and those keen to help the medical research community may find the experience rewarding in other ways.  Many unemployed people today are using their health and bodies to make money and receive free health care.


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