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How to Make Money with Surveys

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Paid medical studies

        Figures released earlier this month suggest that 1 in 10 people want to work more hours, with bar staff and school crossing assistants amongst the most keen to work more. With that in mind, we are exploring non-traditional and unusual ways of earning money. So would a place where you can chill out, study, do freelance work and apply for jobs, all while getting paid around $50 a day might appeal. Volunteering for clinical trials is not a career choice, but it's certainly a worthwhile experience for anyone looking to top up their income. Trials can last anywhere from one day to almost a month and range in payment from close to minimum wage to almost $3,000 for a long stint. As well as the financial benefits, those with an interest in science and those keen to help the medical research community may find the experience rewarding in other ways.  Many unemployed people today are using their health and bodies to make money and receive free health care.
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No cost and low cost winter break camp programs

Most public school students have time off for the Holidays and mid-winter break. While many families go on vacation over the holidays and during break, midwinter recess always seems to be the black-sheep break: It sneaks up on you and you have no idea how to handle it once it arrives.

If you're able to take the days off and spend quality time with the kids enjoying winter or a fun seasonal day trip, that's great. But for many working parents, Winter break is a logistical nightmare. Your choices are hire a sitter, bring the kids to the office or find a midwinter break camp.

While there are a slew of enriching midwinter programs available, many of them are quite pricey. So instead of listing every camp under the sun (make that snow), we're rounding up more budget-friendly options. We found camps that offer full-day coverage for well under $100 a day where kids can play, dance, try chess, swim, go on field trips and enjoy other enriching activities. Book ASAP! These inexpensive programs are already selling out. Education shouldn't stop just because the school does! Some families believe summer camps won't fit their budget. But it doesn't have to mean spending thousands of dollars for your child to have the "camp experience."

"Don't assume you can't afford camp," says Peg Smith, CEO of the American Camp Association. "There is a camp for every child and a camp for every budget."

What to look for:

Both day camps and sleepaway camps (which are generally pricier) offer financial assistance (sometimes known as camperships), payment plans or sibling discounts -- check with each camp for options. Investigate eligibility for Title 20 subsidized funding (through your state social services office), child and dependent care tax credits (ask your accountant) or a dependent-care flexible spending account (through your job) for funds as well. Most camps have some sort of financial assistance...don't be afraid to call and ask.

Be flexible with your dates to find the best prices, advises Ann Sheets, senior vice president of administration and finance at Camp Fire First Texas, a child and youth development agency in Fort Worth, Texas. Ask about reduced rates to fill last-minute open spots and be ready to go if there's a cancellation.

And Sheets says some camps even offer free or reduced fees in exchange for parents bartering services like dishwashing or being a camp nurse. Or look at less expensive half-day options, where your child attends either in the morning or the afternoon.

Here are some sources for finding affordable or no cost camps. Camp slots -- especially at the more affordable camps -- fill up quickly, so if you're interested, sign up soon.